Nourish your mind

Ginger Lemon Matcha - mini bars

Matcha can calm the mind, improve memory and aid in concentration. Packed with antioxidants, ginger is known to enhance attention and reduce anxiety. The zesty lemon is soothing yet adds a burst of refreshing flavour.

For mindful and convenient snacking, our mini bars were created with delicious flavours combined with distinctive superfoods containing properties that enhance and improve all of your senses.

Pea protein, Tapioca syrup fibre, Chicory root fiber (oligofructose), Sunflower seed butter, Rice crisp (rice flour, sugar, calcium carbonate, salt), Sunflower seed, Pea protein concentrate, Water, Brown rice flour, Glycerin, Sugars (cane sugar), Sunflower oil, Matcha, Mint, Ginger, Monk fruit juice concentrate, Agar, Natural flavour, Lemon, Mixed tocopherol.

Made in Canada from domestic
and imported ingredients